Information and support for witnesses

If you have given a statement to the police or an investigator about a crime, and the CDPP prosecutes the matter in court, you may be required to give evidence.

If you're called as a witness, you'll be given a letter called a summons or a subpoena. It will tell you when and where the court case is going to be held. You should check these details with the prosecutor in charge of the case closer to the date, to make sure nothing has changed.

Normally you will only have to give evidence if the case you have information about goes to trial.

Before a matter goes to trial, the CDPP will contact you to arrange a meeting with the prosecutor involved in your case. This is called a conference. During the conference you will talk about your evidence, and the court process will be explained. This is a good time to ask your prosecutor questions.

If there is anything in your statement you want to add or change, tell the prosecutor during this conference. This is also the time to ask any questions you have about going to court or the prosecution process.

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