Entitlements and claims

If you receive a summons or subpoena to attend court to give evidence, you can claim expenses for a number of things:

  • Travel. The CDPP will reimburse reasonable travel expenses. It will also arrange and pay for flights and associated costs if you are travelling from interstate or overseas.
  • Accommodation. If you have to stay away from home the CDPP will usually arrange and pay for your accommodation.
  • Meals. The CDPP will reimburse you for meals when you go to court. You must provide your receipts. 
  • Loss of income. If your employer won’t pay you for the time you’re attending court, you are able to claim the lost wages or salary that you would normally have been paid. 
  • Incidentals. Witnesses who have to travel interstate to give evidence will be paid a small amount for incidentals.
  • Other items. If you want to claim expenses for other costs as a result of going to court, for example car parking, you must talk to your CDPP prosecutor before you incur any costs.

More information

How do I claim witness expenses?
How long will it take for my witness expense claim to be processed?

We aim to process witness expense claims within 14 days. You should lodge your claim as soon as possible after going to court. 

Who can answer my questions about witness expenses?

Your prosecutor is the best person to answer any questions you may have.